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HELP! Local RI/New England Tribute band in search of our Tom!!!

Don't get mad! i am desperate to find our TOM! this is a last ditch effort to get a guitarist to complete or Tragic Kingdom....

  ANYONE INTERESTED?? Getting desperate here!! :-(

HI HI HI!! I'm BECKIE! Female singer for a No Doubt cover band. We got a drummer and a bassist. BUT..We are missing the crucial ingredient of that KEY ITEM! A guitarist! SO GUITARIST!! Male or Female!! Come on down to Jam! We wanna rock out with our Chickens out! LOL I just like rocking out for now! LOL. REQUIREMENTS: 18+ (will make exceptions 17 the youngest) car to drive to location in N. Scituate RI. Willingness to learn and experiment..(Ohh:-)) HIGH level of ENTHusIaSm! Moderate to high experience (once again exceptions can be made) Practice once a week. MALE OR FEMALE EMAIL ME or reply to this posting.(Beckie :-) (SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!!!!!!!) AIM screenname MISTIQUEDARKNESS Wanna Rock out! Hope to hear from ya soon!

...on another note. I love how Gwen still sounds awesome live! Not like those pop princesses and their mechanical voices! It's fucking insane! much love thanks for looking!


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