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The coolest GOD DAMN No Doubt community
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This is for all you RAWKERS out there who <3 No Doubt!

sschaff is the maintainer/founder of this community. More mods will be added later; if you get an invite, be happy.

We only gots a few rules here:

1: If you post a picture, put it behind an LJ CUT. The only reason we ask this is because when someone posts a picture, it ruins the dementions of the layout which is all nice and beautiful.

2: No rude comments to anyone in this community - it will just not be tollerated.

3: Have as much fun as possible!

Codes and crap:

100 x 50

50 x 50

Learn how to do codes here:

Click me!

Yeah it's a little different cause I'm talking about my 909 fanlisting but that's how you do the html code for your codes :)